Watermelon seeds infusion to cleanse your kidneys

Fruit seeds help us regulate the intestinal transit and strengthen the kidneys; therefore it is recommended to save the watermelon seeds to prepare teas.

We all know the great benefits of the watermelon; so nutritious and refreshing that is considered an indispensable fruit during summer. However, we are very used to remove its seeds, even more, it is common to buy “seedless” watermelons to avoid the hassle of having to remove them.

But did you know that there are amazing health benefits hidden in these little treasures of nature?

Ingested in the right amount the infusion of watermelon seeds is a wonderful remedy to cleanse and strengthen your kidneys.

Benefits of the watermelon seeds

Who doesn’t like watermelon? This seasonal fruit is an ideal complement in the summertime, because it hydrates us, gives us the necessary minerals and we can benefit from its antioxidant and diuretic properties. However, it is very common to remove their seeds because they are annoying and we are not used to eat them, therefore we lose their incredible health benefits:

The seeds of watermelon are a fantastic laxative

Most of the seeds found in fruits act as a mild laxative and promote intestinal transit. It is not the same to eat the small seeds present in strawberries than eating the big watermelons seeds. They are too large, which is the reason why many people who knows about their benefits reserve them to make an infusion with them.

Cleanse our organism and detox our kidneys

The infusion of watermelon seeds has been known since long time ago as an effective way to cleanse our kidneys and dissolve kidney stones. They are very effective cleansing our organism eliminating accumulated toxins and optimizing our kidneys performance.

The infusion of watermelon seeds also helps to regulate our blood pressure, something that is super important for our kidney’s health.

Watermelon seeds are very energetic

It’s a shame that we remove them losing therefore all these benefits. Did you know, for example, that they are very nutritious? These dark-colored seeds are rich in lycopene, a powerful type of antioxidant that can also be found in tomatoes. They also have a high level of magnesium and zinc.

It is also interesting considering these facts:

Watermelon seeds are very low in calories. They are very energetic and perfect when we are sick or just weak. An ideal choice for those days you get up super tired!

How should I prepare my watermelon seeds infusion?

It’s very simple. This medicinal watermelon seeds infusion is very recommended for all those people who suffer of kidney problems and frequent urinary tract infections.


40 grams of watermelon seeds
1 liter of water
150 grams of watermelon pieces


The first thing we do is boiling the water. While we wait for it to boil, we crush 40 grams of watermelon seeds using a mortar so they are reduced properly for a more effective tea.

Once you have crushed the watermelon seeds, add them to the hot water and let them cook for half an hour. Once ready, switch the fire off and let them sit for an hour until they cool down. Then, strain the content and separate the seeds from medicinal water.

The next step is to juice the watermelon and, once ready, mix it with the water with which you made the seeds infusion. Put it in the fridge in a glass bottle so it doesn’t get any weird flavor.

How do we take the watermelon seeds infusion?

We take it at room temperature. We will drink the first cup before eating anything in the morning and the following ones, half an hour after the meals. We will do this treatment for two consecutive days a week, until we see results.

It is important that you don’t add sugar.

If you need any sweetener you can put a spoonful of honey. We can only make this tea during watermelon season; however, you can find watermelon seeds in natural and health stores throughout the year.

Remember not to put more than 40 grams of watermelon seeds in your infusion.

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