How to whiten clothes without chlorine

Chlorine bleach has long been a household staple for cleaning and whitening clothes for many years. While this has been a great product, have you ever wondered what is the cost or side effects of chlorine bleach?

The harsh fumes are considered toxic. It is dangerous to inhale and can cause serious upper respiratory problems with prolonged use. Even after thorough washing and rinsing, you can find residue remaining on your clothing that will be used on your body. Many people are allergic to bleach or have skin reactions, such as rashes and red blotchy places on their skin due to exposure to chlorine bleach. It has been found that babies and small children are most likely to have some sort of reaction to this chlorine bleach residue.

The two most common replacements for chlorine bleach are non-chlorine bleach or white vinegar.

If you are seeking a really safe way to whiten you whites then lay them out when drying and let the sun do the whitening for you. This is fully safe for the family and will lengthen the life of your clothing as they are not subjected to harsh chemicals or damaged by the heat from the clothes dryer.

If time is something you have little of and just want to get the job done for the fastest and efficient way then consider using non-chlorine bleach.

While many are turning to this product for the safety of using non-chlorine, the added benefit is that this is great on colored clothing as well.

Remember not to mix your whites and colored clothing though as the colors can bleed onto the whites during the cleaning process. While this has been known to be normal with chlorine bleach, some people assume that since this bleach contains no chlorine it would be safe to combine the different colors of clothing.

In its liquid form, non-chlorine bleach is a combination of hydrogen peroxide and water. In the powder form the ingredients consist of hydrogen peroxide, washing soda (sodium carbonate), baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), and/or other natural oxidizers.

If you still chose to use an even more natural method then consider using white vinegar. Get a large pot and fill it half full with water and add one cup of distilled white vinegar. Bring this mixture to a boil on your stove and then turn off the heat. Place your white clothing in the pot and allow to sit overnight then wash as normal. Do not wash diapers made of polyurethane as they will begin to disintegrate rapidly with this use.

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