Help for those who snore

You may be one of the 45% of the people who suffer from snoring.  Some are not aware of this condition while others try to deny the fact they do snore.

It can be so bothersome that many couples sleep in separate bedrooms as the other partner can not sleep.
It an be a sign of some very serious medical conditions.  75% of the people who snore suffer from sleep apnea in sleep is interrupted for short periods of time. sometimes this event happens 100’s of times per night.  Not only does this cause fatigue but also increases the risk of heart disease.  Many times the first sign of sleep apnea is found during a heart echo when it is noticed the enlargement of the right side of the heart.
Many people are seeking the aid of over the counter remedies and putting themselves at risk.  Some snoring aids that are on the market have never been tested for safety or effectiveness.

There are some natural solutions that you can try that may offer some help such as changing your sleeping position.  Sleeping on your side instead of on your back.  While sleeping on your back makes the tongue and soft palate come together closing or restricting the airflow and causing a vibrating sound.  A full body pillow may be beneficial in helping you to maintain sleeping on your side.  Some people have taped or glued ping pong balls on the back of their pajamas to keep them from rolling over on their back while sleeping.

If you are unable to sleep on your side, you may find you need extra pillows to place you in a reclining position.  By doing this you are keeping the head up and the neck extended.  The problem is that an extended time in this position may cause still neck and sore muscles.

Weight loss maybe a benefit to some who snore but not to all because even thin people snore!

For some people who gain weight it is found that enlargement of the neck causes pressure on the internal diameter of the throat causing it to collapse in size during sleep leading to snoring.

Avoid drinking alcohol as reduces the resting tone of the throat muscles. Alcohol consumed 5 hours or less before bedtime will increase the snoring effects.  Worsening the condition of a traditional snorer while causing someone to snore who normally does not.

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Open your nasal passages if you are suffering from allergies or a head cold.  If your nasal passages become swollen it restricts the volume of air but increases or speeds up the intake of air.  This increase is likely to produce the likelihood of snoring. A hot shower just before bed can help, especially if you rinse out your nose in the shower. A neti pot with a saline solution is a common treatment while others use nasal strips to lift open the nasal airways.

Your condition may be caused by allergens such as dust or dirt.  Dust mites love to collect on your pillows while pets not only shed hair but pet dander.  To help reduce these risks place your pillows in the clothes dryer every other week and fluff on air cycle and replace your pillows every 6 months.

I know you hear this a lot but drink plenty of fluids.  Your nose, mouth, throat and palate become stick when drying occurs.  This problem will lead to an increased probably that snoring will occur. To lessen the possibility of drying out and dehydration while sleeping many have turned to sleeping with a vaporizer. Many people have reported an increased improvement with this one step.

If your snoring condition keeps getting worse seek the advice of a doctor. This can be a sign of other medical conditions.  It could be caused from a deviated septum from a broken nose even during childhood.  Since snoring and sleep issues are a condition of or leading to other major illness’s this needs to be taken seriously if it becomes an issue or increases in severity.

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