Cucumber for puffy eyes

Using cucumber for puffy eyes is a home remedy that has been passed along for generations. Maybe you have tried it at some point, or are thinking of using cucumber to reduce the puffiness around your eyes. So what’s the science behind it – does using cucumber really help reduce under eye puffiness? Let’s find out!

Dr. Gregory Nikolaidis, a dermatologist based in Austin, Texas, talks about what can be done to reduce the puffiness around the eyes here on “Temporary puffiness around the eyes is often caused by a buildup of lymphatic fluid. In these cases, doing things to promote lymphatic drainage like massage or exercise helps more than cosmetic creams.

People who sleep on their stomach will do better if they sleep with their head elevated.

Avoid excess salt or foods that contain excess salt like soy sauce or pizza. Drinking plenty of water can help flush out the swelling and puffiness.”
So, basically, you need to go on a low sodium diet to keep the puffiness away. But obviously, while this may work in the long term, it doesn’t solve the problem of puffiness around the eyes right now. That’s why you need to take a cucumber from the refrigerator, slice it up and place a few pieces on the eyes. But really, does this technique work?

It does, because cucumber contains antioxidants that reduce irritation and produces a cooling effect that helps to bring down the puffiness and the swelling around the eyes quite considerably. Just cut a cucumber into thick slices. Chill the slices in a refrigerator for 10 minutes, take them out, lie down on a bed and place them on the eyes after closing them and stay in that position for 10 minutes.

Cucumber has astringent properties and enzymes that help get rid of the swelling around the eyes. Following the steps given here several times a day really helps to reduce the swelling around the eyes by quite a bit. It reduces the puffiness, brightens the complexion of the skin and even helps to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines.

Dr. Nikolaidis explains, “If puffiness is accompanied by irritation, home remedies like cucumbers or chamomile tea can help reduce the inflammation and swelling.” That is true, because cucumbers consist of flavinoids and antioxidants that help to reduce irritation. But it is important that you should chill the slices in your refrigerator before using them. They work best when they are chilled, as they can make use of the cooling effects of evaporation. Just apply them ten minutes at a time.

Using Cucumber as a Cold Compress

Cucumber works as a solution for puffy eyes because of its coldness and moistness. Cucumber is made up of 90 percent water, which has a hydrating effect on the eyes. When you chill the cucumber slices in a refrigerator and apply them to the skin around the eyes, it acts as a perfect cold compress as it is much colder than the skin. This provides the soothing effect that the eyes need.

Cucumber as an Astringent & Anti-Inflammatory

Cucumber is also effective as a mild astringent. It has pronounced anti-inflammatory effect and shrinks and constricts body tissues slightly. This really does help to reduce the swelling around the eyes. That’s why cucumbers are a popular natural treatment for tired, puffy and irritated eyes. In fact, cucumber’s ability to reduce puffiness around the eyes has been established by several clinical studies. Cucumber helps to treat and rejuvenate the tissues around the eyes.

How to use Cucumber For Puffy Eyes

We have already discussed the most common method of using cucumber to treat puffiness around the eye area. Other solutions are to apply an eye cream that has cucumber has one of its principal ingredients.

You can try other techniques such as soaking two cotton balls in cucumber juice and applying them to the eyes. You can even apply the cotton balls soaked with cucumber juice to the rest of the face – it helps to treat freckles and fine lines because of its mild bleaching properties.

Finally, ensure that your hands are perfectly clean when applying cucumber slices or cotton balls soaked in cucumber juice to the eyes. That’s because you risk infection every time you touch the eyes. So, to prevent eye disease, be sure to have washed the hands thoroughly before using cucumber for puffy eyes.

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