9 foods you should eat to reduce the risk of heart disease

Did you know that foods can reduce the risk of heart disease?

Did you know that heart disease is the greatest killer of men and women today? It can be a traumatic announcement if your doctor tells you that you have heart disease. You leave the office and go get several prescriptions from the pharmacy. What about the side effects from medicines to add to your risk?

Activity has much to do with easing the complications and concerns of heart disease. Too many of us have become lazy when we get home. We work hard so we need rest for our bodies. While believing to be beneficial, we are actually doing more harm than good. The first thing is get active such as walking. With your diagnosis it is best to start with this to help with circulation, heart exercise to strengthen the heart and improve lung function to aid in circulation.

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As a matter of fact your kitchen may have just what you need to help with this condition. Educating yourself on what to eat and what not to eat will have a long and lasting effect on your condition. By being careful of what you eat can actually not only aid but can reduce problems associated with heart disease.

You need to create a new lifestyle. Activity and proper diet are going to become the normal life if you are going to control this disease. We looked at activity but our diet will have as much or more control over the disease and its side effects. Eating a wider choice of the foods you eat but lowering portion sizes are essential. Use smaller plates and bowls and getting around a 1/2 a cup of a food is a good standard.

What kinds of food should you eat?

Plenty of fruit and raw vegetables is a good start. You can also eat are raw nuts, vegetables that are fresh or frozen that have low amounts of sodium or salt added and cooked with out butter. You need fiber to keep the digestive system working properly so eat cereals with low sugar, breads and pastas made with whole grain.

Foods that are high in Omega 3’s such as fish or seafood. Chicken and turkey are good sources of protein. You need to use skim or 1% milk, Egg whites, low fat cheese and unsweetened yogurt. You can add fresh fruit to add flavor and sweeten the taste.

Foods to be avoided are hydrogenated or deep fried foods, saturated fats or foods packaged with high amounts of sugar or sodium.

White bread, sugary cereals, refined pasta’s or rice are very bad for someone diagnosed with heart disease. Red meats, pork such as ham, bacon or sausage. We all love the KFC fried chicken but that is on the no-no list. The foods in this list add not only to high cholesterol but also cause clogged arteries and arterial damage.

If you do not like eating raw vegetables, then consider stir fry. This is a method of cooking that actually steams the food. It is done before all the essential ingredients are cooked out. The Chinese cook most of their food this way and have a much better health classification and live a longer life than most Americans. Not only can you cook vegetables but can also include fruits in your dish preparation.

Make a fresh salad with not only a wide selection of vegetables but also include some of your favorite fruits for a delicious recipe. You can not only have fun and have a great meal but can begin to reverse the damages caused by heart disease.

Foods to avoid consists of cakes, doughnuts, biscuits, most breads, pies, snack cakes or buttered popcorn. A good rule of thumb I was taught is to stay away from per-packaged or premade foods. When it comes to fats and margarine is the more solid it is at room temperature the more unhealthy the oil is. If red meat is a must in your diet, then limit the amount of the fat content to the meat being cooked and broil not fry. Instead of using salt consider a substitute such as Dash or one of the other brands of salt substitute.

9 foods suggestions I would give are: Oranges, Kale, Garlic, Red Wine, Dark Chocolate, Sardines, Lentils, Almonds and Pomegranates. You need to study further and learn the true benefits of these listed, but you will soon realize why these are on my list. The contents in this article require long term use as there is no quick fix. It is now required to live this new lifestyle if you are to see the benefits and enjoy and long life.

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