12 health issues that can be treated with things you have at home

Did you know that regular items and objects that we have at home can be very useful with common health problems and issues?

Yogurt for bad breath

Research has shown that living bacteria in yogurt reduces the number of organisms that cause bad breath. Scientists from California found that the probiotics present in yogurt reduce harmful bacteria and even destroy it.

Mouthwash for blisters

Classic mouthwashes act as antiseptics. Soak a small piece of cotton with this fluid and apply it on the blister carefully 3 times a day letting it dry, it won’t hurt anymore!

Lemon balm tea for herpes

This is a first-class treatment for cold rashes that are caused by the herpes virus. This herb has antiviral properties and soothes cold sores. Prepare the lemon balm tea by brewing 2 to 4 teaspoons of the herb in 1 cup of boiling water. Apply it to the herpes several times a day with the help of a piece of cotton.

Tennis balls for painful feet

Make yourself this easy and inexpensive massage to soothe your feet. Roll the tennis ball with your foot several times a day for 1-2 minutes. To cool down, rub your feet with a bottle of ice water.

Olive oil for eczema

Rashes get calmed when you smear them with olive oil. Olive oil contains antioxidants that reduce the inflammation caused by eczema. Try to use it in its pure form (virgin cold first pressed olive oil) to avoid chemical irritants.

Put 1 teaspoon on every 2 square centimeters of the skin and let it dry out. For more severe eczema, put on a patch soaked with olive oil on your skin before bedtime and leave it all night.

Sugar for hiccups

According to some research hiccups disappear quickly if you take a teaspoon of dry sugar. It is believed that sugar soothes the nerves that send the signal to the muscles of the diaphragm which contract and cause hiccups.

Olives, lemons for seasickness

Seasickness causes nausea. Put some olives in your mouth, this will help you to calm and stop you from feeling sick. Eat some olives if you have signs of nausea. You get the same effect if you suck a lemon.

Use ice if your palate is burning

The tissue of the palate is very thin, this is the reason why it is so sensitive to hot foods. If you have burned your palate, you can soothe it with a piece of ice or ice cream. Remember to remove the ice quickly or you will burn yourself!

Chewing gum with mint or cinnamon for stress in heavy traffic

US scientists have found that peppermint and cinnamon reduce by 20% the fatigue and stress we feel while driving, they also increase our concentration by 30% and they reduce the feeling of having driven for too long. If you don’t like chewing gum and candy, you can alternatively put an air freshener with mint or cinnamon aroma in your car.

Apples for whiter teeth

Crunchy fruits and vegetables may replace toothbrushes because they clean the teeth naturally. Apples contain a special acid which dissolves the stains on the teeth enamel.

Papaya for smoother skin

This tropical fruit contains the enzyme papain, which destroys proteins and removes dead skin cells. If you eat papaya twice a month, your skin will become soft and smooth. You can make a mask, peel and crush the fruit first and add dry oatmeal. The mask should be kept for 10 minutes at least.

Use duct tape on warts

This remedy is very effective. Dermatologists say that in 85% of cases, warts disappear after two months of applying duct tape. Peel off the duct tape every 3 days and remove the dead skin with a nail file. The explanation for this remedy is very easy, the chemicals present in the duct tape suffocate and destroy warts.

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